Who we are?

We are the Tech Solutions firm, with the team of Enthusiastic Engineering Experts, which work in the miscellaneous technological realm to provide your business the Ingenious Solutions that focus on playing a supportive role to your business and it's holistic growth.


Embedded Electronics

Design & development of innovative custom Electronics products for the industrial, and consumer market .

Internet of Things

Ingenious IoT enabled Industrial and domestic automation solutions development.

Android App Development

Robust Android application development services with the attractive user interface .

Web Development

Do you need a website for your startup or business? Reach your audience via stunning websites with us.

Graphics design & Animation

Stunning graphic designs and Animations with our highly experienced and talented team as per your requirement.

Software Quality Assurance

Modern quality assurance and software testing services provided by an independent software testing team.

Technical Training

Whether you’re interested in changing the direction of your career, just starting out, or looking to stay on top of technology trends we can help you out.

Digital marketing

Creative and unique work which helps in developing brand awareness which directly influences the increase in revenue.

Green Energy

Various types of solar services like on-grid/off-grid solar system, solar water pump, solar street light, solar water heater, and many more .


Alliance Partners

Grow Together

Alone we can do something; Together we can do Anything. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic most of us are facing financial problems and want to do something new as a career. So, we are going to introduce our "Grow Together" scheme, in which 'You' and 'We' work together to reach the top of success hill.

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